E•D•S International

Case Study – Linear Actuators


Independent Living Products, a health-care company (manufacturing independent-living aids such as scooter and power-chair lifts, vertical platform lifts, car-lifts and home lifting systems.


12 VOLT Linear Actuators


Customer who manufactures Independent Living products was using linear actuators that exhibited inconsistent quality in which the manufacturer determined that the problem potentially could cause the end-user harm and put the customer in a vulnerable position. Each actuator was reworked or repaired before they could be used on their assembly line which wasted time and money and proved to be a burden on the customer and end-user.


E•D•S was asked if the could be of assistance in providing an linear actuator that would meet their needs and requirements. Through a diligent process E•D•S’s U.S. based engineers found a source through an extensive worldwide search. Starting with the actuator that posed the biggest problem, E•D•S Engineers worked with the customer to make design changes that would provide the customer with an expectable product. After rigorous in-house testing before submitting to the potential new customer, E•D•S ran independent tests utilizing customer’s test fixture. Once convinced the actuator met the requirements for performance and quality, samples were submitted to the customer’s for their in house and field-testing. The customer confirmed E•D•S test results and noted that the E•D•S linear actuators far exceeded the quality and performance of previous suppliers. E•D•S won the business and continues to work with the customer to improve other products they provide.


Since the original success of the first actuator, E•D•S U.S. Engineers continue to work closely with the customer’s engineering staff on new product development. As the result of E•D•S diligence the customers has decide to replace all current linear actuator manufacturers with E•D•S. E•D•S is now the proud supplier of all new customers linear actuators for its’ diverse product line.

Design and Engineering of Custom Actuator Project Highlights:

Project Name: Custom Actuators for Chair-Lifts and Scooter-Lifts

Project Description Low voltage DC Linear Actuators
4” to 24” stroke
12 to 36 Volt
IP Level IP 54 – IP 65
Stroke Various
Drive Shaft Ball Screw or Acme Thread
Industry for Use Healthcare, Motion Furniture, Solar, Long Term Care Beds, Gate Opener, Industrial Automation, Manufacturing Machinery, Skylight Opener
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Electrical Testing/Field Response Testing
Volume 50,000
Standards Met Customer Specifications – Custom Manufactured