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E•D•S International was approached by a client in the small appliance industry looking for a new source for a 120 & 230 V motor. With a rejection rate of around 4% on the motors produced by their current vendor, they needed a higher quality product from a reliable source at a price that fit within their budget restrictions. With our solid reputation for delivering full end-to-end solutions for motor assemblies, EDS was the chosen partner for the project.

With our advanced technical competency for electrical motor design, we engineered a hand-dryersmart, practical solution for manufacturing the components and building the motor. We managed all aspects of the project from concept engineering all the way through to delivery of the product to the customer’s facility. One of the important facets of this project was to ensure that the motor met all national and international safety standards as well as RoHS requirements.

Designed for use in the hand dryers found in public restrooms, the motor featured numerous components produced via several different manufacturing methods, including screw machining, progressive die stamping, die casting, winding, and more. Materials of construction included steel, copper, and zinc as well as plastic and rubber. We took a very organized approach to managing the production flow of all the components, which was vital for ensuring that assembly proceeded at a steady pace.

In addition to inspections to validate that dimensional tolerances were held to ± 0.127 mm, the motors underwent full electrical and dielectric testing to ensure their long term performance. The client was fully satisfied with the quality of this motor, and the rejection rate dropped to a remarkably low .03%. We currently supply these motors to the customer at the rate of 60,000 per year.

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Project Name Hand Dryer Motor Assembly
Project Description Motor Assembly – 120& 230 Volt
Capabilities Applied/Processes Screw Machine
Balancing Equipment
Progressive Stampings
Electrical Testers
Winding Marching
Dye Castings
Slotting Equipment
Tightest Tolerances +/- 0.127 mm
Material Used Plastic
Zinc Die Casting
Carbon Brushes
Vibration Isolator
Copper Wire
Material Finish Meets RoHS Requirements
Industry for Use Appliance
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Electrical and Dielectric
Volume 60,000 a year
Standards Met Customer Specifications