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Case Study – Weld Nuts


Precision Controls Company in the Midwest Supplier of Measurement and Controls for Nuclear Power, Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries. Engineered to order with off-the-shelf speed of delivery.


Highly precision custom stainless steel weld nuts.


Customer who provides custom products was using a manufacturer who could not keep up with the demand or the quality needed for their customer base.

E•D•S International Provides the Solution:

On this project the clients internal engineers were very impressed with the quality of our parts.

“The 36002 and 36003 parts that you all sent got great reviews. This what our inspector emailed out: “All dimensions were almost spot on nominal and check out their packaging! Great job to EDS International!” And he doesn’t give out compliments very easily”.

E•D•S was asked if the could be of assistance in providing an custom stainless steel weld nuts that would meet their needs and requirements. Through a diligent process E•D•S’s U.S. based engineers found a source through an extensive worldwide search. Starting with the our overseas engineers we worked to find a source for this specialty part. E•D•S Engineers worked with the client to check the design and could provide the client with an expectable product at a competive price. After rigorous in-house testing before submitting to the potential new customer, E•D•S ran independent tests utilizing manufacturers test equipment. Once convinced the weld nuts met the requirements for performance and quality, samples were submitted to the client for their in house and field-testing. The client confirmed E•D•S test results and noted that the E•D•S parts far exceeded the quality and performance of previous suppliers.

E•D•S won the business and continues to work with the client to improve other products they provide.

Future Outlook:

Since the original success of the first order, E•D•S U.S. Engineers continue to work closely with the customer’s engineering staff on new product development. As the result of E•D•S diligence the customers has decide to replace a indicator and pressure regulator with E•D•S.

Design and Engineering of Custom Actuator Project Highlights:

Project Name Stainless Steel Custom Weld Nuts
Project Description Two highly percision specialized weld nuts made of stainless steel
Capabilities Applied/Processes CNC Turning & Milling
Overall Part Dimensions Net Wt of each part approx. 0.13 kgs & height 13/16 inches & diameter is 1 – ¼ inches
Material Used 316 SST – STAINLESS STEEL
Industry for Use Power Generation and Oil & Gas Industries
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Measurement Testing/Field Response Testing
Volume Annually 5000 pcs.
Standards Met Customer Specifications – Custom Manufactured